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Introducing an innovative new concept to hangar your aircraft.

Cost Effective             Modular           Portable or Permanent

RapidBuilt is an ingenious new hangar system that comes as a kit in modular DIY form, or we can arrange installation, and can be a temporary or a permanent hangar or shelter. It can also be used for hay sheds, machinery sheds, or to cover just about anything.

It is designed around span sections of 3.5 meter long that bolt together, and can be handled by a single person, to create a hangar or shelter of varying width and length. There are only 8 different components used to build the complete RapidBuilt range. 

This is a unique Australian designed and patented concept which can produce a very cost effective alternative to the traditional hangars. The hangar can be installed in a day or dismantled in a day, and are NT cyclone rated.

The covering is Spandeck (Colorbond) and they come in varying opening span widths of 11-24 meters for the standard range, and up to 37 meter span for the heavy duty range. 

The bases can be configured  for permanent or temporary structures.  For the temporary mount you can use an earth mount with a 30 cm steel disc imbedded into a 1.6 meter hole for each of the footings, or use conventional concrete footing.  Full plans, council specification, footing specs and installation notes can be supplied at time of purchase. The enclosed version with doors is being designed at the moment.

We will be installing a 16m span x 12m long RapidBuilt hangar at Luskintyre in January (weather permitting) for you to check out.

For ALL ENQUIRIES Call BERT 0418 440575 (or Int. +61 418 440575)

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Quicksilver Aircraft Australia is now the proud distributor for New South Wales of RapidBuilt Shelters (a part of the Bettabuilt group of companies)


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