With it's docile handling characteristics and nimbleness, it makes the Quicksilver GT400 the choice of many GA pilots who just want to have some fun. With it’s yoke steering, 3 position flaps and 4 point harness, the GA pilot will feel at home very quickly.

The Quicksilver GT400 has been around since 1984 and has remained virtually unchanged since then.  

Accessories that are now available to enhance the GT400 like:

Disc Brakes, 6” Alloy Wheels, Tundra Tyres (18”), GT500 Windscreen, In-Wing Tank, 2 piece GT500 Nose-cone, Updated Panel, C Box upgrade, Oil Injection and extra wing ribs. (these are all on the GT400 above)

The GT400 is currently only available without engine, as the 2 stroke Rotax 503 has been discontinued. Some dealers are experimenting with the  US Hirth 2 stroke engine, and we are experimenting with the Aviator 4 stroke engine from NZ.

Check out the Aviator page on this website for details. You might be lucky to pick up a second hand R503, good luck.


Vx - (Best angle of climb).............27 Kts

Vy- (Besat rate ofclimb)................35 Kts

Va - (Design Maneuvering)...........53 Kts

Vne - (Never Exceed)...................64 Kts

Vs1 - (Stall, power off)..................25 Kts

Vso - (Stall,flaps down,power off)..23 Kts

Landing Approach Speed..............34 Kts


Spring loaded, steerable nose wheel.
Full windshield, pilot fairing and pylon cover.
4 position flaps.
State-of-the-art landing gear suspension.
Adjustable seat.
Virtually vibration-free engine mount.
Low cockpit noise.
Tapered wing.
68" 2 Blade wood propellor
Airspeed indicator.

GT400 3
GT400 2

To see  how easy the construction of the Quicksilver GT400 is,

CLICK HERE to go to the GT400 Construction Page.

(from the boxes to the test flight)

Download the GT400 Brochure

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Looking for a STOL Aircraft ? Check out the GT400 Video. (Click Here)

GT400 1
GT400 4

     *     I am quoting US dollars, as the exchange rate between Australia and the USA changes daily, so the price you pay is the US list price in US dollars multiplied by the exchange rate in Australian Dollars on the day you order your kit. Call or email for the current price. - all prices are plus freight, and plus GST for Australian customers. (prices subject to change)

GT400 5
GT400 5

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