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Quicksilver Aircraft Australia is the home of Quicksilver Aircraft (or Ultralights) for Australia, South Pacific and New Zealand, for aircraft,accessories and spare parts. We supply ultralight aircraft kits or factory built ultralights. We are the factory approved dealer of Quicksilver Aeronautics Inc USA. We supply the complete range of Quicksilver Ultralights including the Quicksilver GT500, the Quicksilver GT400, the Quicksilver Sport 2S and the Quicksilver MX series of aircraft. We are also a supplier of the Aerotwin and the Aviator aircraft engines.We also provide ultralight aircraft training flying out of Cessnock Airport.  If you are looking for an ultralight aircraft with an impeccable safety record, and an ultralight that is easy to fly, then Quicksilver Aircraft Australia is the place to come to for your ultralight aircraft experience. If you would like to fly in a Quicksilver ultralight aircraft then give me a call. Our demo aircraft are kept at Wallsair Aerodrome near Newcastle NSW.


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In November 2015, I received notice from the owners of Quicksilver Aeronautics for the past few years (Dan and Will), that they have closed the parts factory in California and dissolved the Corporation. In late November there was an auction of all the demo aircraft and the parts and equipment from the factory.  One of the long term QS dealers (Bever Borne) was at the auction and has bought most of the parts, jigs and equipment in the factory auction, so that he can continue to manufacture and source the parts for ALL of the Quicksilver models. Bever has shipped 4 semi loads of parts and equipment back to his home base, and is currently sorting and cataloging all of the inventory. Once this is done (which will probably be mid January) the dealers like myself will be able to get parts and kits as before.  There are still parts available from current dealers worldwide, so if you require any Quicksilver parts in the interum, I will do my best to source any parts you require from this network, until the future direction of QS is known.

With many thousands of Quicksilvers flying worldwide, from the early MX to the current GT400, GT500 and Sport 2S, the Quicksilver brand has constantly maintained a high standard of quality, and an impeccable safety record. The Quicksilver Dealer Network and myself will do everything we can to carry on the Quicksilver tradition and legend, and I will do everything I can to maintain supply of parts and kits, and I will continue to maintain the Quicksilver name into the future in this part of the world.         I will keep you posted.

Contact Bert on: 0418 440 575   (or Int +61 418 440575) or  A/H 02 4956 7211  (or Int +61 2 4956 7211)



(1 Jan 2016)

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If Ultralight Aircraft is your game, then contact us to check out the range of Quicksilver Aircraft, The GT500, the GT400, the Sport 2S and the MXL series Google+